RIVERNESS SAGA 1, My Riverness



Story of riverness in me,

                                                                     Our family Saga

     Taina Kontio 2017


It is ready, two first pieces of video films are edited, they are done, and my brain waves show zero activity.  Summer came and went during this time, as I was submerged on these tales and takes, loved it though, swam a lot and produced the skin that is tolerant to cold waters, swimming pools seem unpleasantly warm now. Heard that it happens to Inuit people, and it seems it can happen to finns too.

Riverness Sagas first part was screened in Valmed Rys Video-Etkot in Kuvakukko Movie Theatre. Parts 1 and 2 will be exhibited in MOVED BY NATURE exhibition in US, Michigan Hancock, Finnish Heritage Center Gallery, along together with two other artist, Satu Miettinen and Riitta Ikonen. I love their work, so something wonderful cooking up in this exhibition opening at 21rst of September 2017.

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Credits in the end. Film by Taina Kontio, in parts of the film Performance by Emma Fält


RIVERNESS SAGA on the whole, is a collection of personal stories about waters as video films. 

First two pieces are MY RIVERNESS and MY MYTHOLOGY, 2017

First three pieces are collected from Arctic areas up in northern Finland.

Videofilms have storylines.


PART 1, MY RIVERNESS is homage to my mom and Kiiminki River, and has references to our Family Saga and old Finnish mythology, and story of female Creator Goddess ILMATAR. 

PART 2, MY MYTHOLOGY , manual to Polar Nights, is a survival guide or manual to Polar Nights, and a story of a lover transforming from wild goose to a boy. My mythology has visual references to TUONELA river and mother of Lemminkäinen.

PART 3, has not yet been filmed, as it is piece of frozen lakes and rivers in wintertime, someone swimming in frozen lake or river, or perhaps fishing under the ice cover. I remember doing this with my father, as the rivers frozen ice coverage had big holes to us to crawl under. To this story I wish to find an old man.

PARTS 1 and 2, will be exhibited in FINNISH HERITAGE CENTER GALLERY, Hancock, MI, US.


I wish to collect personal stories and film of urban waters, sewage, city rivers, else…

Possibly find references to old local mythology.

Surprisingly, the stories collected in Finland, so far always connect waters to death and rebirth, even though such direction was never given, the instruction was just to share personal story, that has perhaps changed you somehow.