RIVERNESS SAGA 2, My mythology


Manual for Polar Nights

Taina Kontio 2017


” Note to manual: Coma like existence ”


Videofilm part 2 of series of RIVERNESS, just got edited for the exhibition.




Credits in the end. Film by Taina Kontio, Texts and performance by Sari Hakala.

RIVERNESS page, https://tainakontio.com/2017/08/03/my-riveness-coming-up-to-us-finnish-heritage-center-gallery-finland-100-years/


It is ready, two first pieces of video films are edited, they are done, and my brain waves show zero activity.  Summer came and went during this time, as I was submerged on these tales and takes, loved it though, swam a lot and produced the skin that is tolerant to cold waters, swimming pools seem unpleasantly warm now. Heard that it happens to Inuit people, and it seems it can happen to finns too.

Riverness Sagas first part was screened in Valmed Rys Video-Etkot in Kuvakukko Movie Theatre. Parts 1 and 2 will be exhibited in MOVED BY NATURE exhibition in US, Michigan Hancock, Finnish Heritage Center Gallery, along together with two other artist, Satu Miettinen and Riitta Ikonen. I love their work, so something wonderful cooking up in this exhibition opening at 21rst of September 2017.

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