Poetic Peripheries exhibition at Nexus gallery Adelaide, AU


Poetic peripheries starts
from Australia Adelaide NEXUS gallery. 
with Exhibitions at Nexus and Kemi art museum, 
Australia and Finland 2019, 2020. 
AND Performative walks.

THE WALK WITH WOMEN project is performative, 
art activist walks for women with multiple voices, 
live streaming, marching for safe space with multiple partners.


Photos from Arctic exploration and field study,
Hanna Guttorm, Taina Kontio and Satu Miettinen.
FEMININE ETNOGRAPHY has evolved from Riverness Saga 
to study borderlines, gender fluidity and heterarchy 
at social spaces and borderlines, rivers and forests.
Gendered behaviour at wilderness. 

To ask, is there gender hierarchy or gendered behaviour 
at wilderness, on borderlines, at rivers, or glaciers. 
Does river have a gender, is it liquid.




Story of beards and bugs who lived in them  by Taina and Aleksi


“- Amundsen, Scott, Marco Polo, Kolumbus. Explorers were men with the beard.

– Why, asks little boy.

– Well, maybe because it is warm, and it is most cool thing when the frost takes over your beard and eye brows.

ha, or bugs don’t fly to your mouth so easy, they just sit on beard and think “what is this, maybe I will built a home here.”

– They and their beards explored the world, and they carried many  flags that they would erect on ice or desert, or mountain, where they taught no-one had ever been. They would travel by ski, or boat or even hot air balloon, all over to erect their flags, arctic and deserts, they must have carried so many flags with them that there was no room for food, maybe that is why they starved.

– their  bellies must have hurt and beards, if too many bugs lived there.

 – I think so.  Often kind natives, who already lived there and knew everything,  would bring them food and clothing when they got stuck on ice with their boats or starved or froze. Then their beards and hair would grow very long and , and they got a sun tan all over their face, except around the eyes, and sometimes they would die. 

– Why, what happened to the bugs in their beards then ?

– I think they moved to other homes, maybe their were sad though. But some of the explorers stayed alive, and all of them got streets, towns or squares named after them, and everyone taught they were heroes. I bet the natives thought them to be little foolish, to get lost on their backyard, and  then put those flags all over, like their would have conquered their backyard. 

– Laughter…Can you be an explorer, and can you built a rocket ? Know that there will be many many buttons ?

– Yes I guess I could, I love adventure and at least I know how to sew buttons.

– Ha, I have a very Ninja grandma !  Check out my snow breathing !

– Wow ! That because arctic air is much colder than you, dear. Now lets go home sew some rockets. “



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